To create your User Id, Please login  You will be asked a couple of questions which you will know the answer before it will allow you to login.




Then use the following Credentials to Login


User ID          ***********   (See/Call Glen Bernichon for User ID)

Password       ***********   (See/Call Glen Bernichon for password)



The WEB page will bring you a page to create your User Id and Password.  Here you will enter your desired User ID, I recommend you use “FirstnameLastname” for your user id.  For your password please use at least 8 characters and a mix of numbers, letters, and special characters (e.g. !@#$%^&).  Also a mixed case password would be good too. 


The page will request your name, Email address and verify them against what is listed in TroopMaster. 



Press “Create Account”


Enter your User Id and Password, and box will appear in the upper right corner asking you to configure your account.  Select OK in this box to complete the configuration.  The following will appear.




            Follow all instructions,

Click on “Select Account Info”

Select your association with the Troop (Leader/Parent, etc)




Select your name, then enter your Email address

Select “OK”



Select “Save” and following window will appear



Record this information then Press “Send Confirmation Email”.



You will receive an E-mail and follow the instructions in the E-Mail (it may take a minute or so to receive the confirmation number.

Enter the confirmation number on the WEB page.


You should record this the User Id and Password.  If you forget them I can retrieve them for you

Close the Accounts Settings window


Setup is complete

Log out and send me an E-mail and I will provide the appropriate access.