How to fill out a Merit Badge Card


Read This Information!!

   If you finish requirements at different times, fill in the section below and have the MB Counselor initial in case you go to a different MB Counselor.

You must fill in this page.

District = Sagtikos

Council = Suffolk

Scoutmaster MUST sign bottom before you present the card to the

Merit Badge Counselor

Cloud Callout: Read This Information!!




Enter below:

1. Merit Badge name.

2. MB Counselor's name

3. MB Counselor's Address &

            Tel. number

This section goes to the

Troop Advancement Chairman

Enter below:

1. Your name.

2. Merit Badge name.


Keep this section in a safe place.

You will need it for an Eagle application

Enter below:

1. Your name.

2. Check "Troop". Enter "205"

3. Merit Badge Name



Counselor will keep this section.