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Meeting Calendar

(All after Troop meetings)

Next Meeting: 4/2/2019

Other meetings: 5/7

* = With Troop Planning Meeting - see calendar for location
Service Patrol Duties/Responsibilities



Greenbar Members - Patrol Leaders

Junior Asst.



Joseph Falcone
Senior Patrol Leader

Jacob Arens

ASPL -  Patrols

Joshua Banville

ASPL -  Troop Guides

Sebastian Gebhard


Ldr:  Jacob Arens



Ldr:  Ryan Gannon

Asst: Aidan Thompson

Rough Riders

Ldr:  Robert Camlet

Asst: Ethan Grandin

8 Ball

Ldr:  Nicholas Conzo

Asst: John Lawn


Ldr: Ruelin Man-Martinez

Asst: Louis Attard

Flaming Arrows

Ldr: Christopher Alessi

Asst: Samuel Hartnett

Golden Pineapples

Ldr: Joseph Norrby


Blue Flames

Ldr: Jack Gravano

Asst: Daniel Carroll

Famous Eagles

Ldr: Reese McGuire

Asst: Jesse Hodge

Bugler       Joseph Norrby
Chaplain Aide

Jacob Franchi

Crew Chief       Ryan Gannon
Historian       Mikael Dahl

Robert Hilbert

OA Rep       Matthew Barra

Ruelin Man-Martinez


Christian Ehrhardt

Troop Guides       Ethan Grandin
      Robert Dahl
      Joseph Graziano
      Christopher Alessi

Jason Conzo

      Nicholas Conzo
      Julian Covarrubias
       Lucas Erhard
      Jacob Arens
       John Lawn
       Matthew Micalizzi
       Logan Muller
       Michael Vito Perrone
       Daniel Peterson
       Richard Squeglia
       Sebastian Gebhard
       Vito Giuliodibari
       Christopher Whalen
       Joshua Banville
       Christian Ehrhardt
       Matthew Barra
       James Buonincontri
       Mikael Dahl
       Christopher Dopfel
       Lucas Erhard
       Chad Glick
      Robert Graziano
      James Kelly
      Logan Muller
Den Chief(s)        Vito Giuliodibari
       Frankie Naccarato
      Matthew Micalizzi
      Jack Wodicka



Service Patrol

Duties and Responsibilities


Plan, organize, and rehearse your special Opening and Closing Ceremony for the Troop meeting – incorporating the Pledge of Allegiance, Scout Oath, Scout Laws, and any other creative elements that you want to incorporate to make the ceremony impactful and meaningful.


Arrive at the Troop meeting location least 15 minutes before the start of the Troop to set up the room, including clearing the tables, setting up the flags, and flag stands


Implement the Opening Ceremony at the command of the Senior Patrol Leader.


Implement the Closing Ceremony at the command of the Senior Patrol Leader, incorporating the Scout Oath, The Scout Laws, and any other creative element of a closing that you develop.


Replace the meeting room to the original condition, leaving our “campsite” cleaner than the way we found it.


Pack up the American and Troop Flags and give them to the Troop Committee Chairman – Mr. Glen Bernichon, along with the Flag Stands.

Thank you in advance for your service to the Troop and our great Troop   members!


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