The Leaders of Troop 205, already very pleased with attendance, uniforms & Preparedness, and are willing to put money where their patches are!!??


Go ahead: We DARE you!


Who Awarded to the Top 10 Scouts in 2 award groups
When June Court of Honor
How We will adds up all your earned points in June
Top 5 $25 gift certificate to iTunes
Next 5 $15 gift certificate to iTunes



Attendance/Event 1


Preparedness .2
Total 1/meeting
Total 1/Event

Meetings = all official Troop meetings

Event = all OFFICIALLY defined Troop events as below

"Troop" Events"

                                        1. ALL Troop Meetings

                                        2. All Eagle Courts of Honor

                                        3. All Troop Campouts

                                           (or if in conflict with District / Council/OA camping

                                            events, these will count)

                                        4. Memorial Day Parade

Uniform Definitions

Class "A" Uniform:

                             Scout Shirt

                             Neckerchief w/slide

                             Scout pants or shorts

                             Scout belt

                             Scout socks

Class "B" Uniform:

       Black or Tan collared Scout T shirt

       (NOT the "Camping/Hiking" t-shirt)

       Scout pants or shorts

       Scout belt

       Scout socks


Scout - 1st. Class

Star - Eagle



Pen or Pencil

Handbook (only if BOR)


Pen or Pencil

Preparedness at events means having any equipment or dress that is necessary for that event as defined in the usual flyer as a needed item.

Ex: gloves in February; hiking shoes/boots for a troop hike or hike/campout,

Updated 9/15/2016