The following information was extracted from the Wakpominee WEB page.  The suggested gear list is born out of experience; it works!  Do not change, delete, add, or otherwise modify it without very good reason.

Trekkers are to arrive at Camp Wakpominee in Scout Uniform which will be worn at ceremonies, traveling to and from trailheads and touring if that is part of your trek.  Each should have, easily available, their  Class 3 Health History/Medical and Medication Release Forms, including month and year of all immunizations. Make sure tetanus shot is within last 10 years.

Scout Uniform Class 3 Health History/Medical Form**

Pack - large enough to hold all your gear as well as your share of crew gear 2- 1 Liter/Quart Water Bottles (must be liter/quart for water purification, 2 bottles are needed and should have large opening 1" or bigger)
Plastic Pack Liner* Pocket Knife*
Plastic Ground Cloth* Lip Balm
Sleeping Bag in plastic bag Lighter  or waterproof matches*
Separate Sleep Clothes - boxers & T-shirt  Camera
Sleeping Pad - optional, but recommended  Insect Repellent*
6 Lightweight Tent Stakes* Sunscreen*
Pair Long Nylon Wind Pants Eyeglasses - if needed with strap
Pair Nylon Swim Shorts - built-in brief Sunglasses with strap
2 T-shirts* Fishing Gear - optional, and Fishing License - if over 16
2 Pair Hiking Socks - wool or synthetic 50 Feet Nylon Line*
2 Pair Liner Socks - lightweight synthetic  Compass & Whistle (map provided)*
1 Pair Hiking Shoe/boots - broken in Spending Money
1 Pair Wet Shoes - sandals are best, must be quick-drying Flashlight & Fresh Batteries*
2 Bandanas Book or Cards or ... for a rainy day
1 Fleece or Wool shirt Mess Kit (Plate, Cup, Knife, Fork, Spoon)
Rain shirt - not poncho if canoeing Chair - Folding or otherwise easily portable
Hat - for sun protection    




Toilet Kit:
Toothbrush & Paste  
Pre-moistened Towelettes




Personal First Aid Kit:
Band aids  
Sterile Pads & Tape  
Foot powder  
Personal Medications  

* indicates this item is available at the Camp Wakpominee Trading Post

The following items are  NOT to be brought on the trail.  Do not bring shampoo, deodorant, or other "smell-de-goods".  These items make some wild animals curious and we do not want them wandering into our camp to investigate!  Also do not bring denim jeans, sweatshirts or other clothing made primarily of cotton (except T-shirts).  Cotton, if it gets wet, loses its ability to insulate and, in fact, will draw body heat away.

** Personal Health and Medical Record Form - Class 3

Each participant must have one that has been done within the past 12 months, signed by a licensed Health-Care Practitioner, and in the case of youth, by a parent/guardian. In addition, be sure all immunizations (Part IV) have not only the year, but also the month of immunization. Tetanus must have been within 10 years.

To get a Medical form Click Here

To Get a Medication Release Form Click Here

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