The following list outlines all the gear each Scout should bring to summer camp.   Of course Scouts may decide to bring additional items.

Completed Personal BSA Health  form w/ parent & physician signature** Plastic ground cloth
Medication, if needed (prescription only) w/ current dosage/instruction label and scout's name/troop # Eating utensils (i.e. bowl, cup, fork, knife and spoon)
Sleeping bag or 3 warm blankets and pillow Canteen or water bottle
Scout handbook (available in the camp trading post) Compass
Scout Uniform(s) Jackknife and valid Totin' Chip card
Underwear (3 changes) Matches in waterproof case (flint & steel)
Socks (4 pair) Personal first-aid kit
Sneakers (enclosed-toe shoes must be worn at all times for safety) Book or Cards or ... for a rainy day
Hiking boots (enclosed-toe shoes must be worn at all times for safety) Folding Camp Chair
Casual (work) shirts (2) Fishing pole and tackle
Shorts and T-Shirts Prayer book, Bible
Pajamas Musical instrument
Sweater or sweatshirt Camera
Windbreaker or jacket Swim fins/face mask (for snorkeling)
Raincoat or poncho Sunglasses
Swim trunks Plastic bag with hand laundry soap
Towel Rope: 30' nylon cord
Toilet articles, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, metal mirror, soap in plastic container, shampoo, and deodorant Watch or alarm clock
Washcloth and hand towel    
Flashlight & spare batteries    
Extra shoe or boot laces    
Kleenex or handkerchief    
Insect Repellent    
Back pack or pack frame    
Wallet and money for purchase of Trading Post items    

Scouts taking Swimming or Lifesaving merit badge, B.S.A. Lifeguard or the Pioneer Program should bring a pair of long pants, belt, socks & shoes, and a button up long-sleeve shirt for clothing inflation.

** Personal Health and Medical Record Form

Each participant must have one that has been done within the past 12 months, signed by a licensed Health-Care Practitioner, and in the case of youth, by a parent/guardian. In addition, be sure all immunizations have not only the year, but also the month of immunization. Tetanus must have been within 10 years.

This page last updated on 04/14/2022