Parents and Scout Meeting – September 13, 2018


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I.  Opening and Welcome – Summer camp and Philmont wrap-ups & thanks!

A.   Kai Gebhard and Brian Meehan – New ASM’s for this year.

B.   Summer Camp Activity Captains – SM Frank Naccarato, Jim Fitzmaurice,  David Ehrhardt, Charlie Klahn, and Michael Norrby, along with Senior Patrol Leader Jacob Arens            

C.  Elkhorn High Adventure Base Trip run by Mike Arens, with Rich Conzo, Ed Banville, and Marco Orellano, along with eight Scouts, with the Crew Leader – Chris Alessi


II.  Scoutmaster’s Goals for 2018-2019

·         Ensure that all of our Scouts have well prepared and managed Troop meetings with pre-planned rank advancement agendas, which will be coordinated between the ASM’s, Troop Guides, and Junior Assistant Scoutmasters.

·         Encourage our older Youth Leaders to be BSA Trained through the National Youth Leadership Training – building a stronger Greenbar and Senior Patrol Leadership.

·         Zero tolerance of un-scout like behavior, bad behavior, and Scout bullying at all Troop Meetings, campouts, Summer Camp, service projects, and activities.

·         Further enhance the Assistant Scoutmaster’s Training through participation in the BSA online training and formal training, mandatory Youth Protection, and work to have all our ASM’s be “Fully Trained!”


IV.  Assistant Scoutmaster’s Duties and responsibilities

      A.  Troop Attendance*                            Chris Dopfel and Kevin Lawn                                                                                            


      B.  Quartermaster                                           Frank Naccarato/Stephen Greene


C.  Scout and Tenderfoot Ranks*                   Michael Norrby

                                                                              Brian Meehan

                                                                              Rich Conzo

                                                                              Marco Orellana         

      D.  Second and First Class Ranks*                Dave Ehrhardt                                                                              

                                                                              Peter Hilbert

                                                                              Charlie Klahn

      E.  Star and Life Ranks*                                  Al Erhard            

                                                                              Jim Fitzmaurice

                                                                              Ed Banville

                                                                              Frank Naccarato

                                                                              Marc Muller

      F.  Eagle Preparation – Project Review            Chris Bernichon

G   Merit Badge Coordinator                            Dave Ehrhardt 

H.  Summer Camp                                         Dave Ehrhardt

                                                                     Charlie Klahn

I.   Order of the Arrow                                     __________________________

J.  Court of Honor preparation/Programs          Rich Conzo

K. Troop Trailer Maintenance                          Frank Naccarato/Stephen Greene                                                 

L.  Troop Leader Training                                Denis Mellett    

*  Weekly meeting attendance required