White Water Rafting Checklist


Clothing: Recommended:
Class A Uniform Canteen or water bottle
Extra pair of shoes (in case one gets wet) Personal first-aid kit
Change of underwear Book or Cards or ... for a rainy day
Change of socks Scout Handbook
Sweater and/or jacket (plan on layers so you can adjust for the weather) Flashlight with fresh batteries (I recommend 2 D or 2 C type, AA batteries donít last long)
Hat (it is a good idea to wear a hat when in the woods),  Scouts must bring their scout hat Wallet and money for purchase of Trading Post items
Sleepwear Camera and film
Poncho or some kind of rain coat Watch
Rafting Equipment: Chair - Folding or otherwise easily portable
Clothes which can get wet    
Shoes which can get wet    
Water Proof Sun Screen Toiletries:
Hat   Soap
Optional Towel to place over neck   Toothbrush & Paste
Water Bottle   Comb/Brush   
Sleeping Equipment:   Towel 
Sleeping bag  

Pre-moistened Towelettes
Pillow (as desired) Recommend a small camping type pillow      
Mattress  (suggestions below)
Therma-Rest Self Inflatable Mattress
Closed Cell Foam Mattress

This page last updated on 11/08/2005

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